Trip through Slovenia

We are a family from France and we are still exited about our trip through Slovenia. At first we took our motorhome in Novo mesto at Rudolf Moto. So, we decided to take a look what is happening in this part of Slovenia. We went to castle Otočec where we took a walk and have some sport that our children love. Especially mini golf and basketball. They told us there are also some spas. So we went to Šmarješke Toplice and enjoy in water. We overslept there and next day we decided to go to Bovec and see famous river Soča. We went to raft. I won’t forget this experience. I enjoyed, not that much in a water because is very cold, after we went to have their special meal and it was delicious. Next day we went hiking in Bohinj. We choose some easy destinations because of the kids. Nature is beautiful, so unspoiled. My wife was very excited. We also went on the other part of Slovenia – Prekmurje. It was like we came to another country. I have to say, that Slovenia is really not very big country, but so colorful, kind and full of interesting places. We will be back!

– Julian, France

Traveling on Croatian Coast

One day five friends of us decided to go on a trip. At first we didn’t know where and how, we just wanted to go and discover something new. And because we are from Germany, we thought it would be great idea to go on a seaside. After a week we rent a motorhome and that is how our trip began. We started in Slovenia and went through their coast. At first we went to Koper and Portorož. Very nice towns, with nice people and great places to oversleep and of course have some parties. We stayed there for three days! After that it was about time to go forward. Through Rijeka we came on island Krk. The nature is unbelievable…. so green! We went to a camp have some swimming hours and relaxing. We also went to Njivice and town Krk. Some of us wanted to stay there. But, three days passed. We went to island Pag. As many people said before, it’s paradise for young people. And it was. But our trip went to the end. We have to return our motorhome, but we are sure we will come back! Thanks to Rudolfmoto for great vacation!

– Cristopher, Germany

Most Wonderful Rovinj

I and my wife have been going on holiday to Croatian coast by a camping car for a long time. We had had our own motor home but we sold it as it turned out it is cheaper for us if we take a flight to Venice where the camping car waits for us (we hire it from Rudolfmoto in Novo mesto). Then we set on our way towards Croatia. Last year we unexpectedly drove past Rovinj which besides Pula we liked very much, so we decided to see Pula and Rovinj more thoroughly this year. In Pula we stayed at auto camp Stoja. It is a good destination for divers and I love diving. Then we went on towards Rovinj and stayed at auto camp Polari. The most wonderful Rovinj offers besides its beautiful coast also numerous taverns and restaurants to relish in good food and drinks. Being situated right in the middle of the western Istrian coast Rovinj is also a good starting point to visit other towns throughout Istria. We have to say thank you to Rudolfmoto for their splendid motor home which served us flawlessly through all our staying in Pula and Rovinj.

On a fait les vacances de nos reves en Croatie.

– Jacques, Paris

Split and Dubrovnik

We are a family with two children and due to my husband’s special job when he often has to go back to work for a few days or has a lot of difficulties to get a fourteen days’ leave our holidays had always been shorter than a week to my and our children’s regret. But this year we hired a motor home from Rudolfmoto in Novo mesto and set to Split and spent a week of wonderful holidays. Then we continued our way to Dubrovnik and, as you may expect, after two days my husband had to go back. He took a flight and the three of us enjoyed our holidays for five days. Finally my husband came back (again by plane) and we stayed together for another five days. Then we went home together and with no problem left the motor home in Celje where it was taken by one of the kind representatives of Rudolfmoto. Therefore many thanks to all who convinced us that a journey by a motor home would be very convenient for us as we were not only more flexible, yes, this year our holidays were certainly perfect for the first time.

– Maja, Celje

Croatian Coast

Together with our friends we make quite a lot of travelling round the world and the Croatian coast had been one of the unrealized destinations. So we decided to go and see it in three weeks, the time we had at our disposal. Via London we flew directly to Dubrovnik which made the greatest impression on us. Here we got from the hands of a representative of Rudolfmoto a motor home which was not only very spacious but also nearly brand-new, these two being very important as it was going to be our new home for the following three weeks. After Dubrovnik we continued our way along the coastal road towards Makarska and further on to Split where we mostly relaxed as Split offers a lot of entertainment, not to speak of beautiful Croatian women. With a heavy heart we left Split and continued the way to Zadar and Rijeka and rounded off our journey by staying a few days in Pula. Here we left the motor home and flew to London and then back home. Many thanks to Rudolfmoto for their kindness to have their motor home on lease as these holidays were unforgettable for us.

– Greg, Sydney, Australia

Medieval Dubrovnik

My wife and me, we have three beautiful children and our long-standing wish had been to visit Dubrovnik. Being a large family this had represented quite an amount of money to spend until Easyjet started their non-stop flights from Liverpool to Dubrovnik. So we decided to make our wish come true and spend this year’s holiday in Dubrovnik. This being for us quite a long journey all the way to Dubrovnik we would certainly regret not to see a little more of Croatia. So on the web we looked for a possibility to hire a motor home and we found Rudolfmoto, this coming from Slovenia, though, but they kindly offered us to bring the motor home to Dubrovnik. We got a wonderful, new motor home, not to speak of its spaciousness, so being a family with three children we could enjoy a real luxury. First we stayed in Dubrovnik for one week and visited its sights; it is really a beautiful city. Then we took a ferry boat to the islands of Mljet and Korčula. The both islands pleasantly surprised us with their beauty and especially with the clear sea. We returned to Dubrovnik where we left the motor home and flew back home.

– Sarunas Vitalinius, Liverpool

A Journey through Istria

Me and my family we are real enthusiasts for holidays in a motor home. We had travelled nearly all over Europe, greater part of Croatian coast from Dubrovnik to Split and Rijeka and so this year we decided to see Istria. Via the airport in London we took a non-stop flight to Pula. Having been very satisfied with Rudolfmoto and their motor home we had travelled by the previous year in Dalmatia we made the arrangement for hiring a motor home with the same firm again. So a brand-new and flawless motor home waited for us at the airport in Pula. We started our journey along the western coast of Istria past the town of Rovinj towards Poreč and further on all the way to Umag and Grožnjan, this one being a very nice little town of artists we immediately took a fancy to it. Then we took a direct route across Istria, drove through the tunnel of Učka straight to Rijeka and continued our way along the eastern Istrian coast to Pula where we stayed at auto camp Indije and spent the most wonderful holidays. We left the motor home at the airport in Pula and took the flight to London and then back home. Being very satisfied with Rudolfmoto for the second time we made a reservation for a motor home for next year when we plan to see some Croatian islands.

– Katia, Helsinki